Welcome to the Beginning of Legends.
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The year is 1200 CA [Common Age] You are from the land of Avendellia, a landlocked nation far to the east on the material plane of Shalleghar.

History in this land dates back only twelve-hundred years among the Humans, whereas the Drow, Elves and Dwarves have tales which age back almost eight-thousand years. There are tales of numerous ancient dwarven fortresses of stone, massive trees which spiral up reaching towards the heavens with mighty limbs, trees which were home to the elves and the ancestors to the Drow. The stories of the Tieflings are nearly as new as the humans, though they seem more respected and admired among the other races.

A few hundred years ago in Old Aven, the former capital of Lycandria and the current home to the party, there was a beast which came down from the north. The creature was massive and covered in ice. It looked as though it were one of the ancient Dragons, but it had been corrupted and changed by the northern cold. It was frostbitten and the life had been drained from its eyes. The people called it Frostwing the Feared. It froze much of Lycandria, focusing its might on the massive trees of the Elves, of which only one now remains. The combined forces of the Humans, Dwarves, Drow and the Elves were required to defeat the beast and force it back north to it’s home.

Back before Frostwing and the terror he wrought, there was a guild of adventurers in Old Aven. They helped bring Frostwing to justice, but the leaders of this guild were lost. Since then their old fortress has fallen to goblins. The library of their mages has been frozen and inaccessible. The great old in where they met and planned had been ransacked and abandoned.

You and your allies have come to this land after aligning yourself with one another. Some of you seek fortune, some seek glory, others seek power and a few simply desire to do good in this world, but you have come together to reforge the Adventurers Guild.

What adventure will this land bring?

Find out, as the Legend Begins.

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